Terms of award for the best Arab publisher
Cairo International Book Fair
Session (55)

The Publishers` Association presents you with its best regards,
   With reference to the holding of the 55th Cairo International Book Fair from January 24 to February 6, 2024, the Arab Publishers Union announces the opening of nominations for the "Best Arab Publisher" award in its third session within the awards granted by the Cairo International Book Fair from December 1 to 31, 2023, in cooperation between the Arab Publishers` Association and the Egyptian General Book Organization according to the following conditions:
1. That the member applying for the award be registered in the records of the Arab Publishers` Association and have paid their financial obligations until the end of 2023.
2. The member must be a private publisher and not an institution, organization or Official body.
3. The applicant should be a participant in the 54th session of the Cairo International Book Fair.
4. Commitment and respect for intellectual property laws.
5. The member should not have been subjected to any punishment from his local Association or the Arab Publishers` Association during his membership period.
6. The forms of publications submitted for the award must bear the legal deposit and the international numbering.
7. The member should submit a list of his publications during the last five years.

8. The publishing house should submit with the application for nomination a text of no less than five hundred words explaining the biography of the publishing house with the future vision in the publishing plan, its specialization in the fields of publishing, the information technology investment plan and its applications, the awards obtained by the publishing house, the publishing house’s data, addresses and website.
9. The member submits samples of publications of not less than ten titles, one copy of each title, reflecting the award judging criteria described later.
10. The Egyptian publisher is not entitled to participate in the Best Arab Publisher Award if he is participating in the Egyptian Publishers Association Award.
11. An arbitration committee shall be formed by the Egyptian General Book Authority and the Association of Arab Publishers according to the different specializations in the fields of publishing.
12. The value of the prize (fifty thousand Egyptian pounds) is awarded equally by the Federation and the Writers' Association with the shields of the Association and the Authority.
13. The winner of the Best Arab Publisher Award will be announced at the Exhibition Awards Ceremony at the Fairgrounds.
14. The nomination application for the award and the required data in the specified period are sent to the email of the Association, knowing that the e-mail through which the circular is circulated does not receive any emails.
15. The forms shall be sent to the headquarters of the Arab Publishers` Association at the address 92 Tahrir Street - Saridar Tower - Second Floor - Administrative Entrance - Dokki - Giza - Egypt, phone number 0020237622058, mobile number 00201006688530, with an assurance that you bear all shipping expenses.
Award Judging Criteria:
1. Production and printing quality in accordance with quality standards.
2. The design of the covers and their suitability for the book's title and output.
3. Evaluation of content and respect for intellectual property.
4. Diversity of publications in the field of knowledge and publishing.
5. The extent to which the publishing house benefits from modern forms of "digital and audio" publishing.
6. The extent to which the home contributes direct efforts to community development and support for special groups.
With our best wishes for everyone.
President of Arab Publishers` Association
Mohamed Rashad

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