APA activities

APA activities

Meeting of the Committee of Arab Exhibition Managers in Cairo, 25th of January, 2019

On the sidelines of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the 2019 Cairo International Book Fair, the Egyptian General Book Organization has invited the fourth meeting of the Arab Publishers Association and the Committee of Directors of Arab Book Fairs and took place on 25 January 2019 at the Egyptian International Exhibition Center Hall 2 - under the slogan "Hope achieved by joint efforts," and participated in the meeting directors of the following Arab books fairs:
Prof. Haytham Alhaj - President of the General Egyptian Book Organization
Mr. Islam Bayoumi - Cairo International Book Fair Director
Mr. Faisal Abdullah Al Sheikh – Abu Dhabi Int’l Book Fair Director
Mr. Abdullah Kanani - Deputy of the Ministry of Information  and supervisor of the Riyadh Book Fair
Mr. Ibrahim Alsalama - Lead Exhibitions Sales - Exhibitions & Programmes Department
Mr. Sa’ad Alanzi - Kuwait International Book Fair Director
Mr. Yousuf Albulushyi – Muscat International Book Fair Director
Mr. Fadel Hussien Ahmed – Deputy Director of Sharjah Exhibition
Prof.  Abd-El Wahab Al-Radi - Baghdad International Book Fair Director
Mrs. Nawal Hellas - Palestine International Book Fair Director
Mr. Ftahy Elbiss - Amman International Book Fair Director
Mr. Abd-Al Azim Majzoub - Khartoum International Book Fair Director
Prof. Khaled Azab – Project affairs Director - Bibliotheca Alexandrina

-    Apologizes:
Mr. Hassan Alouazzani – Casablanca International Book Fair Director
Mr. Fadi Tamim – Beirut International Book Fair Director
Mr. Bashar Jasim – Bahrain International Book Fair Director
Mr. Hamidou Messaoudi – Algeria International Book Fair Director
Mr. Jasim Buainain – Doha International Book Fair Director
-    Local Unions:
Mrs. Samira Assi
-    Arab publishers’ Association
Mr. Mohamed Rashad – APA president
Mr. Bachar Chebaro – General secretariat
Mr. Ahmed Alhamdan – Vice president
Mr. Abdu Alraaouf Kadour – treasurer
Mr. Khaled Gabar - Assistant general secretariat
Mr. Selim Abdelhay - Assistant general secretariat
Prof. Mohamed Maalej – Book fair committee director
Mr. Naser Assi – Media & public affairs Committee director
Mr. Sufyan Alashqr – Law Amendment Committee director
Mr. Haytham Hafez - Professional Development Committee director
Mr. Hazem Samaraa - Arab and International Relations Committee director
Mr. Sameer Al joundi – Board Member
Mr. Soud Al Mansour - Board Member
Mr. Ali Alshaali - Board Member
Mr. Bassam Elkurdi - Board Member
Mr. Mostafa Kallab - Board Member
Mr. Said Abdou - Board Member

The meeting was started by the President of the Arab Publishers Association, Mr. Mohammad Rashad, with a welcome speech to the guests and praised the importance of this meeting with the publishing profession and the book industry in the Arab exhibitions. He congratulated Mrs. Inas Abdel Dayem on the Golden Jubilee of the Cairo Exhibition during the current session and her decision to move the exhibition and the great efforts in making it successful. He also thanked Prof. Haitham Al-Haj Ali, President of the General Egyptian Book Organization and Cairo Int’l Book Fair director and his team for the efforts exerted. He also praised the role of the General Egyptian Book Organization, which attaches great importance to Arab culture. He also reviewed the problems faced by Arab publishers, especially Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis, and their participation in exhibitions.
Mr. Faisal Abdullah Al-Shaikh, Chairman of the third meeting, delivered a speech welcoming the attendance and his happiness to host the Egyptian Book Organization for the fourth meeting. He wished the cooperation between the Arab Publishers Association and the colleagues of the Arab book fair organizers for the benefit of the publishing industry in the Arab world, and overcome all the problems that hinder the development of the publishing movement in the Arab world, and hope to describe the “Hope that we seek to Achieve”.
Prof. Haitham Al-Haj, delivered a speech welcoming the guests in Egypt, and his happiness by attracting the Egyptian and Arab masses to emphasize the success of this session.
The participants started their discussions focusing on the problems faced by publishers and exhibitions departments at the same time, such as the high prices of some fairs, agency fees, and publishers’ participation from Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Iraq. Also censorship, The lack of commitment by the administrations of some exhibitions to the black list, the exaggeration of publishing houses in the prices of books from one exhibition to the other, and their non-compliance with the terms and conditions of participation for each exhibition and sale of the stands without the approval of the exhibition management, and participation of fake publishing houses, and infringement of intellectual property rights, documents required.
The conclusions and recommendations issued by the third meeting in Abu Dhabi were presented and the management of each exhibition implemented it and the reasons for what has not been implemented. There was a discussion about activating and working accordingly, in order to find solutions to contribute to support the publication of the Arab book.
The end of the meeting, which lasted for four hours, Mr. Mohamed Rashad announced the formation of a committee headed by Mr. Islam Bayoumi, Director of the Cairo Book fair to issue decisions and recommendations, and the membership of:
Mr. Bachar Chebaro – Mr. Abdullah Kanani - Mr. Sa’ad Alanzi - Mr. Yousuf Albulushyi – Prof. Mohamed Maalej – Mr. Khaled Qubaah
The Committee discussed and issued the following decisions and recommendations:
1-    Emphasize the decisions and recommendations of the meetings of the exhibitions directors in Alexandria, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.
2-    Motivate publishers to respond to their local associations to update their database to be a reference to exhibition directors. Countries that do not have local associations should update their database to be a reference to the exhibition directors and send them to the General Secretariat of the Arab Publishers Association.
3-    Giving priority to participation in the Arab exhibitions of publishers who are members of the Arab Publishers Association, while granting them the discounts and privileges determined by the Arab exhibitions departments.
4-    Taking into consideration the Arab Publishers Association that is presented to the directors of the Arab book fairs regarding the black list.
5-    Appreciation and thanks to the State of Palestine represented in the management of the exhibition for their kind invitation to hold a meeting of directors of the Arab book fairs coming in the State of Palestine.
6-    The Arab exhibitions departments are seeking the authorities concerned to issue visas to the Arab countries with the commitment of the publishers to submit the documents within the specified period.
7-     Reschedule the Arab exhibitions every 5 years starting from 2021 coordination between the exhibitions directors and the APA to prevent conflicts of dates.
8-    Intensify the advertisements and announce the Arab Book fairs well in advance of the exhibition.
9-    The allocation of a professional symposium for each exhibition within the cultural activity accompanying the coordination between the management of the exhibition and APA.
10-    The possibility of allocating appropriate stands to the regional publishers 'associations to display and sell publishers' publications in return for paying the rental value, with the names of the participating roles being presented to the exhibition director first.
At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Nawal Halas, Director of the Palestine International Book Fair, requested to host the next meeting on the sidelines of the Palestine 2020 Exhibition.

Arab Publishers Association; president
Mohamed Rashad

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