Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Union of Arab Publishers VI January 2018
Meeting of the delegation of the Arab Publishers' Association with the Secretary General of the League of Arab States
A delegation of members of the Board of Directors of the Arab Publishers` Assocaiation met with His Excellency Minister of Information Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Hassani, Chairman of the Higher Committee of Muscat Exhibition
Dedicate the Union Shield to the Minister of Culture of Tunisia
Arab publishers reject the US decision to move the embassy .. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
Meeting with the President of the Republic of Tunisia
Presenting the shield of the Arab Publishers Association to the Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism during the opening of the Istanbul Int. Book Fair
Arab Publishers' Association Pavilion, Paris, March 2018 With the participation of some Arab publishing houses

Recommendations of the 4th Arab Publishers'' Conference on 9-10 January 2018

 (Book and publishing in the Arab world.. Reality and prospects)
The 4th Arab Publishers'' Conference concluded its work, which was held in Tunis under the title (Book and publishing in the Arab world .... Reality and prospects) under the patronage of His Excellency President Béji Kayed Sibsi, President of the Republic of Tunisia, After two days of lectures, discussions and dialogues attended by representatives of:


APA Laws


Arab Publishers Association: is an Arabic, non-profitable professional association with financial and administrative autonomy.


Arab Publishers refuse the American Decision of moving the US embassy and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The Arab Publishers Association, represented by its president, its board Members and Arab publishers collectively, announced their refusal of the American decision to move their Embassy to Jerusalem and considering Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


About APA  

about.png Arab Publishers Association was reestablished in General Conference for Arab Publishers held in Beirut on April 12-13, 1995. Arab Publishers' Association; APA consists of Arab Local Associations, represented by a Member for each one in the Board Members and a number of elected members equal the number of Associations' representatives. APA Board Members are 30 members, fifteen member are representing Arab Publishers Associations, and fifteen were elected at General Assembly meeting, which held in Cairo. APA is an Arabic Entity under the laws and regulation of the Arab league which Head Quarters are located in Cairo, Egypt and General Secretariat in Bruit, Lebanon

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APA activities  

Meeting of the Committee of Arab Exhibition Managers at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina on September 5-6, 2016 

Arab Publishers' Association in cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina organized the Conference of Arab Book Fair Directors on 5-6 September 2016 at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

The conference was inaugurated by Minister Helmi Al-Namnem, Egyptian Minister of Culture and Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina.
At the opening session, the President of the Arab Publishers' Association; APA delivered a speech in which he expressed the vision of APA for the relationship with the directors of the Arab exhibitions.

The organizers of this conference considered it to be the first day after the opening session, to listen to the views, ideas and problems of the exhibition managers, while allowing time for open dialogue. The conference was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Haitham Al Haj Ali, Chairman of the Egyptian General Book Authority The second the next day under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Rashad President of APA, that the Arab publishers through their unions, the problems they face when participating in exhibitions with the opening of dialogue between members
At the opening session, the President of APA gave a speech in which he expressed the vision of the Arab Publishers' Association for the relationship with the directors of the Arab exhibitions.

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Current Exhibition  

Frankfurt Book fair 2017 
In the city, which is full of books, life and exhibitions, the 61st Frankfurt International Book Fair opened on October 11th and continued until 15 of the same month. The world's most important event for the publishing industry, knowledge stores and printing presses in different parts of the world. Where about 7150 publishers from 106 countries participated and received 278,000 visitors over five days. The first three days were devoted to senior visitors and guests working in the field of writing and publishing. The exhibition was attended by all interested visitors and followers in the last two days.
The exhibition also hosted more than 1,000 authors, 600 intellectual property registrars and 9,000 journalists from around the world
About 300 seminars were held on the sidelines of the exhibition, in which about 1500 writers participate, in addition to the seminars and meetings held in the pavilions of the participating firms, making the exhibition an important cultural event.

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Copyright Law  

The power of intellectual creation and innovation are the humanitarian most powerful practices, such practices evolve the cultures and civilizations. Therefore, the creative person deserves recognition, appreciation and protection of their production in all forms of literary, artistic, and industrial
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