Recommendations of the Second Arab Publishers’ Conference "Knowledge Enablement & the Challenges Facing Arab Publishing" 23-24 March 2013 Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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The recommendations of the 3rd Arab Publishers' conference
“Horizons and Challenges of the Digital Age for the Publishing Industry”

Sharjah, Monday 2nd – Tuesday 3rd, November, 2015


Under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qassimi, member of the Supreme Council and ruler of Sharjah, concluded the 3rd conference of Arab Publishers under the title “Horizons and Challenges of the Digital Age for the Publishing Industry”

and after two days of discussions and dialogues involving representatives of the co-organizing the conference are: the Arab Publishers Association' and Emirates  Publishers union, in addition to a wide range of publishers, distributors, intellectuals, journalists, media and academics, and official representatives of some Arab and foreign countries, and a large delegation representing the international publishers Association.

THE Conference has opened morning Monday, November 2nd, 2015 without presence of Mr. Assem Shalaby who was unable to attend his conference.

This conference explored the opportunities and challenges publishers face and how the industry can adapt to remain relevant to the Arab reader. This forum offered an important platform for professionals to network, exchange ideas, and expand their distribution channels. Two days of discussions and debates included 8 discussion panels and 6 sessions under the spot and 2 cultural Arab and International participation distinct resulted in the following recommendations:

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The first panel of the conference titled: "protecting Intellectual Property - challenges for the future"

Speakers are Dr. Mohamed Hossam Loutfi, Olav Stokkmo, Ola Khudair, Khaled Al Bilbeisi and Chair: Dr. Abd-Elrahman Hassan.

  1. Form a partnership with government and legislative bodies in the Arab countries to provide a secure legal environment to allow the cultural stock in front of all categories and development of the legal framework constantly to keep pace with the rapid growth in the publishing industry in the digital age.
  2. Preparation of model publishing contracts to ensure a balance in the mutual protection of rights and interests, and specify the duration of authors copyright protection for the duration of his life and 70 years after his death at a minimum.
  3. Cooperation with the government and private sectors for the maximum penalties against rights violations, with the awareness campaigns in parallel to raise awareness of intellectual property rights.

The Second panel titled: "Piracy poses a threat to publishing rights"

Speakers are Dr. Sulaiman AlReyaee, Emma House, Rany Sader, Michael Healy and Chair: Dr. Yousef Al-Sharif  

  1. Pursuing strategies able to curb the electronic piracy in frames the knowledge base of the legal and economic.
  2. The promotion of culture copyrights emerging between the students and emphasis on the seriousness of the piracy on their future economic and knowledge.
  3. Support the anti-piracy professionalism and punish piracy efforts port and demanded through the establishment of a general law for printing and publishing deals with intellectual property issues.
  4. The need to provide advisory and training services in the publishers' associations to fight piracy and protect the rights

The Third panel titled: "Publishing and translation in the Arab world - is the tide turning?"

Speakers are Dr. Ahmed ElSaid, Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Philip Kennedy, Alexandra Büchler and Chair: Parween Habib.

  1. more openness and support translation projects in the Arab world from Arabic to foreign and vice versa, in particular geographical sector actors
  2. Addressing gaps and obstacles that stand in the way of the translation of the book in the Arab world, especially with regard to the development of professional performance of interpreters, and attention to the culture of the interpreter and support in order to avoid false or misleading information.
  3. The establishment of an Arab network specialized in coordinating the efforts of translation in the Arab world and the protection of the translators' rights, such as supporting the rights of authors, the fact that the translation is a creative work needs special attention in the significant interest to this area of youth.
  4. Create content combines laws governing the profession of publishing and working to unify all over the Arab world.

The Fourth panel titled: "A look at tomorrow’s library"

Speakers are Gerald Leitner, Dr. Khaled Azab, Nick Stopforth, Dr. Tariq Al-Shalyiyl and Chair: Maryam Al-shenasi.

  1. The establishment of an Arab network of libraries, and the need to review the Arab libraries provide policies to revive the Arab Book Marketing.
  2. Establishment of a bibliography of Arab book is updated promptly.
  3. Keep pace with future developments in digital libraries, archives and supporting digitization projects in public libraries.
  4. Cooperation with international cultural authorities to protect the historical Arab libraries that are exposed to organized extermination campaigns, and the launch of projects to rebuild the lives of those libraries and digitization.

The Fifth panel titled: "Freedom of expression = freedom to publish"

Speakers are Ibrahim Al Moallem , Dr. Chokri Mabkhout , Ibrahim Al Abed, Ola vallin ; and Chair: Sheikh Sultan Al-Qassemi .

  1. Third Arab Publishers' Conference emphasizes that freedom of publication is what achieving and building democracy and prosperity of nations, do not interfere with national security, but would support.
  2. The Conference confirms that the publishing freedom include the right to obtain the truth and deliver information without borders or barriers as a fundamental right of the rights guaranteed by international laws and signed by Arab countries.
  3. Cooperation between publishers, authors and civil society organizations to develop practical solutions to situations of anarchy online and face hatred through educational campaigns.
  4. Publishers continue to collaborate in the face of challenges, especially in the field of publishing and the protection of the freedom to publish, dignity, life and the freedom of publishers.

The Sixth panel titled: " Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in Education Publishing"

Speakers are Marwan Al Sawaleh, Mohammed Al-Baghdadi, José Borghino, Colin Hughes; and Chair: Dr. Sulaiman Al Hattlan.

  1. Establishment partnerships between publishers unions, schools, ministries of education in the Arab world for the development of the textbook.
  2.  prevent the monopolization of the Governments to publish the textbook and the empowerment of the publishers
  3. organize a forum grouping publishers and teachers to discuss the challenges facing the educational curricula to provide a stimulating environment for students keep pace with international standards

The Seventh panel titled: "The dawn of the digital age"

Speakers are John R. Ingram, Santiago de la Mora, Salah Chebaro,  Amir El-Nagi ; and Chair: Dr. Youngsuk ‘YS’ Chi.

  1. The construction of an integrated network of the distribution of Digital Books has warehouses geographical sectors of Arab countries to create new markets and encouraging small libraries
  2. The establishment of a mechanism to convert paper to electronic books in accordance with the agreed criteria and controls, working on all Arab and international platforms.
  3. Make the 2016 a year to turn Arab publishers to take advantage of social networking sites on the marketing and distribution of the book.
  4. Develop Arabic search engine through the Internet network that promotes Arabic book and the Arab culture on the network.

The Eighth panel titled: "Content Development - The quest for innovative and engaging content"

Speakers are Badr Ward, Alaa Alsallal, Zaidoun Karadsheh, Dr. Cairo Arafat  ; and Chair: Safia Alshehi.

Launch new initiatives to encourage creativity and innovation in the Arab digital content, especially children's books. 

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