Arab Publishers' Association


Arab Publishers' Association (APA) is an Arab professional, non-profit association with financial and administrative autonomy established by the League of Arab States decision No. 37 of 4/4/1962, and reestablished in General Conference for Arab Publishers held in Beirut on April 12-13, 1995.


Arab Publishers' Association consists of Arab Local Associations, represented by a Member for each one in the Board Members and a number of elected members equal the number of Associations' representatives


APA Board Members are 30 members, fifteen member are representing Arab Publishers Associations, and fifteen were elected at General Assembly meeting, which held in Cairo.

APA follows its work through specialized committees, and executed by the Headquarters of the Secretariat in Beirut and the Presidential Office in Cairo

Arab Publishers' Association is a regional independent organization representing Arab Publishers in front of official Arab and International levels, their counterparts of professional associations, the same as with all civil society institutions which concerned with culture and defend the right of expression, publishing and reading

APA aims to defend and develop the Arab publishing industry and protect intellectual property rights, and defense of Arab Culture in all its components. For more about APA objectives, please read our basic law



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