Membership Privilege

Membership Privilege::.

All members of APA shall be considered equal in their rights and duties within thO-031-0416.jpge limits of the law .- 

-        Members of APA shall have the right to benefit from its facilities, services and facilities, whether participating in exhibitions that require the membership of the Arab Publishers' Association or the international exhibitions in which APA participates in.

-        Participation in conferences organized by the Arab Publishers' Association.

-        Support members in all matters related to intellectual property rights.

-        Every member shall have the right to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of APA and to vote on its resolutions and have one vote.

-        The Member has the right to nominate for election to the Board Members.

-        To exercise criticism and self-criticism in an objective spirit within the APA's bodies.

      For APA membership, please complete the paperwork required in the attached file HERE

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