President Mahmoud Abbas, awards Mr. Mohammed Rashad the Order of Culture, Science and Arts
Awarding the Shield of the Arab Publishers` Association to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
Meeting with the Director of the Frankfurt Fair on the sidelines of the Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2022
Ms. Bodour Al Qasimi’s meeting with board members January 27, 2022
Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, launches the Palestine International Book Fair
Dedicating the Association Shield to the Palestinian Minister of Culture
A meeting to discuss prospects for cooperation between ISESCO and the Arab Publishers Union - Rabat 2022

Report of the Board of Directors of the Arab Publishers` Association

Report of the Board of Directors of the Arab Publishers` Association
About the ninth session 2019-2021
To the Ordinary General Assembly
held in Cairo on Sunday 30/1/2022

Colleagues and colleagues / members of the General Assembly of the Arab Publishers` Association


Final Media statement The Fifth Virtual Arab Publishers` Association Conference

The Arab Publishers` Association called on all specialists, researchers and interested parties to follow up its next conference scheduled for the fifth and sixteenth of this December under the title (Content Industry and Challenges),


Arab Publishers refuse the American Decision of moving the US embassy and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The Arab Publishers Association, represented by its president, its board Members and Arab publishers collectively, announced their refusal of the American decision to move their Embassy to Jerusalem and considering Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.



Media statement issued by the Board of Directors of the Arab Publishers` Association the Tenth session (2022-2024)

During the 53rd Cairo International book fair, The Arab Publishers` Association held its ordinary General Assembly on Sunday January 30, 2022, at Al-Manara Center, Hall 219 in Egypt International Exhibition Center - at nine thirty in the morning.
The report of the Board Members of directors of the APA on the work of the session 2019-2021, the financial budget was discussed and approved by all the members, and finally releasing the Board of directors of the APA for the session 2019-2021.
Then, Elections for a new board of directors for the APA for the tenth session 2022-2024 were held and results were as following:
1-    Mohamed Mohamed Rashad – Egypt.
2-    Walid Mohamed Ahmed Mostafa- Egypt.
3-    Bachar Salah chebaro- Lebanon.
4-    Sadek bourbia – Algeria.
5-    Khaled Mahmoud jaber Heef-Jordan.
6-    Bakr Mohammad Zeidan Ramadan -Palestine.
7-    Soud Al-Mansour-Kuwait.
8-    Sufyan Alashqr -Jordan.
9-    Ahmed Essayegh-Morocco.
10-    Samira Hussein Assi – Lebanon.
11-    Abdulraaouf Hasan Kadour- Syria.
12-    Abdulkraim Alagil – Saudia.
13-    Muhammad Mustafa Alsibie- Syria.
14-    Mohamad Hadi– Iraq.
15-    Sultan saeed Alhaatemi- UAE.
16-    Mohamed salah Maalej-Tunisia.



Publishing study in the Arab world 2015-2019

Which is a detailed study on the state of publishing in the Arab world, and this study reveals the state of publishing in the Arab world from 2015 to 2019, and clarifies most of the problems facing the Arab publishing industry, such as: forgery, tying laws, continuous violation of intellectual property rights, and heavy customs on Book making tools. It also addresses many problems, such as the problem of paper, digital and audio books, and the problem of marketing it, with the decline in the role of public and university libraries in supporting this industry, as well as the problem of translation from and into the Arabic language.
It also included tables that reveal in detail the publishing movement in the Arab world as a whole, and in each country separately, and included tables that reveal the translation movement in numbers, the nature of the published content, and for the first time a study by numbers of Arab book fairs.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to all colleagues who contributed to answering the inquiries and questionnaires sent to them by the Arab Publishers` Association, and for providing us with the required data and information.


Prizes and Competitions   

media statement

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mansour Award for Supporting the Arab Publisher

In July 2019, the Arab Publishers` Association adopted the sponsorship of the Dr. (Abdul Aziz Al-Mansour) Award to support the Arab publisher, as the first award dedicated to the Arab publisher, aimed at promoting the Arab publishing industry, and encouraging the publisher to abide by intellectual property laws and the quality of publications.
The first session 2019 was devoted to publications on children's stories from birth until the age of six years. It was won by the Egyptian Renaissance House.
The award did not stop due to the Corona crisis, but it continued to be truly supportive of the Arab publisher, and the second round of the award 2020 was in (The Story of the Child from Six to Nine Years) and Dar Al-Saqi won it.
As for the third cycle 2021 in the adult fiction collection, the prize value has doubled to reach $20,000, and the arbitration proceedings are underway.


Intellectual property rights  

It is an advanced electronic step through which it sought to define, preserve and support copyright and publisher rights, and it is also a step for communication and synergy with publishers, writers, writers and authors to provide a stable and stable environment in order to preserve intellectual property and protect the rights of creators and to serve present and future generations

For those of the Federation who wish to file a complaint regarding an intellectual property dispute, please fill out

The following form and send it to the General Secretariat office by email:


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