Publishing study in the Arab world 2015-2019

Which is a detailed study on the state of publishing in the Arab world, and this study reveals the state of publishing in the Arab world from 2015 to 2019, and clarifies most of the problems facing the Arab publishing industry, such as: forgery, tying laws, continuous violation of intellectual property rights, and heavy customs on Book making tools. It also addresses many problems, such as the problem of paper, digital and audio books, and the problem of marketing it, with the decline in the role of public and university libraries in supporting this industry, as well as the problem of translation from and into the Arabic language.
It also included tables that reveal in detail the publishing movement in the Arab world as a whole, and in each country separately, and included tables that reveal the translation movement in numbers, the nature of the published content, and for the first time a study by numbers of Arab book fairs.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to all colleagues who contributed to answering the inquiries and questionnaires sent to them by the Arab Publishers` Association, and for providing us with the required data and information.

To access the study online, click on the link

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