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Pavilion of the Arab Publisher`s Association at the Cairo International Book Fair 2021

Final statement 5th Arab Publishers Conference "Content Creation and Challenges" 15-16 December 2020

In response to the challenges and disruption of the publishing and culture movement in the Arab world, the fifth Arab publishers conference was held on 15-16 December 2020, titled "Content Creation and Challenges" to discuss these challenges, and put forward solutions and proposals to re Activating the publishing movement related to Arab cultural life.


Final Media statement The Fifth Virtual Arab Publishers` Association Conference

The Arab Publishers` Association called on all specialists, researchers and interested parties to follow up its next conference scheduled for the fifth and sixteenth of this December under the title (Content Industry and Challenges),


Arab Publishers refuse the American Decision of moving the US embassy and Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

The Arab Publishers Association, represented by its president, its board Members and Arab publishers collectively, announced their refusal of the American decision to move their Embassy to Jerusalem and considering Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.



Recommendations of the Fifth Virtual Arab Publishers` Association

Conference Creating content and challenges

On 15 and 16 December 2020

With Allah's help and success; The Arab Publishers` Association concluded with great success its fifth virtual conference, which was held under the title: (Content Industry and Challenges) via the Internet, in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO), on Tuesday and Wednesday 15 and 16 December 2020, and the conference was held virtually due to the health reality Imposed by the repercussions of the emerging corona virus (Covid 19) on the world. The conference witnessed wide Arab and international participation in spite of all the difficulties that the publishing world is currently experiencing.

It included five main sessions, in addition to the opening session in the morning and evening periods. The conference sessions were divided into five main axes as follows:

First: Defining the content, its importance, benefits, and types
The second is the impact of piracy on the economics of the content industry
The third: similar Arab and international experiences in facing contemporary crises
Fourth: content marketing in light of the current crises
Fifth: the challenges faced by the content




The Association of Arab Publishers` celebrates the International Day of the Arabic Language with all Arabs and Arabs.
We thank the initiative of the Kingdoms of Morocco and Saudi Arabia for their submission of the proposal to adopt the Arabic language during the 190 session of the Executive Council of UNESCO, so December 18 was the day on which the United Nations General Assembly issued Resolution No. 3190 in 1973, in order for the language to be approved in accordance with the provisions of the introduction of Arabic Official and working languages of the United Nations.
The Arabic language is one of the oldest, broadest, and most capable languages in comprehending the sciences and arts, because of its etymological nature that makes it one of the most flexible languages  for expressing everything new.



 We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return

With more sadness and sorrow, the Arab Publishers` Association mourns the chairman and members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly, the forgiven, God Almighty willing
The fellow publisher is Eng. Assem Shalaby, the former president of the Arab Publishers` Association and the former president of the Egyptian Publishers Association, and the owner and director of the University Publishing House - Egypt
One of the symbols and pioneers of the Egyptian and Arab knowledge industry and culture, the owner of the message, professionalism and high manners
We ask God for His mercy and forgiveness, and make him enter the highest paradise of Heaven, and we ask his family and loved ones and the entire Arab publishing family to be patient and steadfast.

President of Arab Publishers` Association
  Mohammed Rashad

Intellectual property rights  

It is an advanced electronic step through which it sought to define, preserve and support copyright and publisher rights, and it is also a step for communication and synergy with publishers, writers, writers and authors to provide a stable and stable environment in order to preserve intellectual property and protect the rights of creators and to serve present and future generations

For those of the Federation who wish to file a complaint regarding an intellectual property dispute, please fill out

The following form and send it to the General Secretariat office by email:


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